BBC to reportedly demolish EastEnders set in favour of a modernised Walford

According to a recent tabloid report, the BBC is planning to demolish the current EastEnder set in favour of a modern one.


© Publicity Photo / Mail Online
© Publicity Photo / Mail Online

Last year, the BBC revealed that a new set would be built in order to ‘enable greater editorial ambition and improve working conditions for staff’.

When the EastEnders set was originally built, it was originally supposed to be suitable for six months worth of filming, but has lasted 30 years.

According to Mail Online, the BBC are planning to demolish the iconic set once the new set is completed – meaning fans will perhaps miss the opportunity to visit the set for a ‘set tour’.

© Apple
© Apple

The BBC apparently hopes the changes will mean that the set – which will also be made 20% bigger – will provide more opportunities for storylines.

The character’s homes will be rebuilt using reals bricks, a new Tube station, a high street and new shops and businesses.

Viewers will see a new revamped version of the set which will include the Queen Vic, The Albert and Beale’s Plaice.

The new plans were submitted to Hertsmere Borough Council last month.

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