Gillian Taylforth: “I’m looking forward to going back into the Vic and the café”

© BBC / Des Willie
© BBC / Des Willie

EastEnders returnee Gillian Taylforth, who plays Kathy Sullivan, has spoken about her full-time return to EastEnders after 15 years, saying: “It’s lovely being back, I’m really enjoying it. It’s lovely seeing some of the people I used to work with before and to meet the new people.

“Although I’m not back on the Square just yet, I am looking forward to getting into the Vic and in the café!”

© BBC / Kieron McCarron
© BBC / Kieron McCarron

Taylforth during EastEnders’ Live Week

On keeping such a massive secret under wraps, the actress admitted she couldn’t even tell her family: “It was very difficult keeping such a big secret! I couldn’t tell my children, I couldn’t tell my sister or my family, who I tell everything to.

“They were all saying to me around the anniversary week, ‘EastEnders is good this week’ and I just had to say nothing!

“When I came on screen my brother just text saying, ‘what the…!’ And I had so many texts from people about it all saying, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re back!'”

On what’s to come for Kathy in three words, Taylforth teased: “Emotional. Life affirming. Guilt.”

Interview courtesy of Digital Spy.

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