Stacey Branning faces a new decision

A pregnant Stacey Branning has another decision to make, next week on EastEnders.

Last month, Stacey found out that she was pregnant, but will she continue with the pregnancy?

Stacey confides in Shabnam about whether she should come off her bipolar medication or not, while pregnant.

She then visits the midwife by herself and shares her fears with her about the medication.


Wanting to be alone, Stacey lies to Martin and tells him that she had to go to Lily’s school.

Later, Stacey apologises to Linda after snapping at her earlier that day. An angry Martin soon approaches and tells Stacey that he knows she wasn’t with Lily at her school.

A kind Linda quickly steps in for Stacey and thinks of an excuse.

The pair (Linda and Stacey) later bond and discuss her options.

What will Stacey do?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday 20th August, on BBC One.

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