7 years without Wellard

Ask a bunch of EastEnders fans for a dog name; they might say Roly, Willy, or Wellard! These four-legged tail-wagging beauties graced our screens for years, and it’s hard to believe that we’ve not seen Wellard since his death in 2008.

If you don’t know who Wellard is, where have you been?!

He (who’s actually been played by 3 she’s) is a Belgian Tervuren dog and first set his paws on the Square in November 1994. He soon became a fan favourite, winning ‘Best Pet’ at several soap awards, and became EastEnders’ longest serving pet, until he died on 15th August 2008.

Robbie Jackson was the character who brought Wellard onto our screens, and into our lives, when he originally took him in as a stray dog. While the owner soon found him and took him back, Wellard ran off again and found his way back to Albert Square. That’s when we knew this special dog was here to stay… 

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Inseparable: Wellard with his original owner, Robbie

Another great Wellard moment was when he found a dog friend to accompany – Frieda (who belonged to Grant Mitchell and Nigel Bates). The two got rather close and hit it off, with him  eventually having puppies with the greyhound. However, the puppies were sadly stillborn.

Once Robbie had left Walford for India, Sonia gave Wellard to Gus. We then saw how loyal Wellard really was as when Gus was in a minibus crash, he saved him by leading him to where he can call the emergency services. Super Wellard!


Gus Smith: Wellard’s second owner

Arguably Wellard’s most famous moment was when he bit Ian Beale’s bum and was reported to the police! Gus and Deano then launched the Walford One Owed Freedom (WOOF) campaign to save him from being killed. Fortunately he wasn’t, but he was found guilty… However, Gus was allowed to take him home, permitting he was always kept on a lead.

Once Gus left Walford, Wellard made his way back to the Jackson household, as Bianca and the family looked after him. Sadly, his days were numbered when Bianca fed him some chocolate, leading to one of the saddest deaths in EastEnders history! The doctor put him down, as the family watched on, including young Tiffany who was the most distraught.


Remind yourself of Wellard’s death and that sad scene, here:

We can’t believe that it’s been 7 years since his final scene, and we haven’t  heard  anyone scream his name for that long!

Since Wellard, we can’t say that there’s been may other memorable dogs on  the  Square – and remembering Wellard has made us want to change that!  With Lady Di  being the only dog on the Square (who is amazing!), we think there needs to be some more small pals for her to play with!

© BBC / Jack Barnes
© BBC / Jack Barnes

Here’s a sad looking Lady Di (played by Hotlips) because she has no pooch pals!

Comment below, or tweet us at @EastEnders_Spy if you have any other  memorable Wellard moments, and let us know if you agree that there needs  to be  more pooches in Walford!



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  • Sharon

    So what happened to Roxys dog? I know he ran off, but has she just never searched? Sad that Eastenders left it like that, portraying it’s ok to never search for a dog you apparently love..