‘Kathy and Jane aren’t going to get on’, teases EastEnders boss

EastEnders executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has teased Gillian Taylforth’s full time return to EastEnders, admitting there’s a rollercoaster of a storyline ahead.

© BBC / Jack Barnes
© BBC / Jack Barnes

Kathy in a recent episode of EastEnders

Speaking at an EastEnders press event, Treadwell-Collins said: “The reaction we are holding off is from Ian and Ben. They are two of the most exciting people and it is big, very, very heavy stuff.

“Then we are throwing into the mix Jane as well. We have always said even in the office that Ian has married a woman like his mum and how would Jane and Kathy get on.

“Well, Jane and Kathy aren’t going to get on. It is all quite sparky. Then of course you have the Bobby business going on through that as well. It adds a whole new dimension to everything on the Square.”

© BBC / Jack Barnes
© BBC / Jack Barnes

Battle of the Beales?

“What we found interesting was seeing what new Kathy is like. Kathy has been through this relationship with a very, very, very twisted individual. But also there is a serious element to it because she has been in a controlling and abusive relationship.

“As Sharon will say to her, Kathy has done the worst thing a mother could possibly do. Kathy was an amazing mother to Ian and now this amazing mother has done the worst thing a mother can do.

“It’s been interesting telling the story of Kathy, who is not quite the Kathy we used to know, but she will grow back into that Kathy. It would have been very boring if Gillian just came in and we said ‘Kathy is back’.


Paul Nicholas plays Gavin Sullivan – Kathy’s abusive husband

“We had to make it difficult, interesting and emotional. There is a lot of twists and turns coming all the way between now and a very, very big Halloween.”

“It’s part of a very, very big story. It’s not going to be easy for Kathy to come back which is something that we were very clear about at the beginning. She is officially ‘dead’ and so her return couldn’t be easy.”

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