‘Kathy’s husband makes Archie Mitchell look like a care bear’, teases EastEnders boss

EastEnders executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has revealed that new villain Gavin Sullivan makes Archie Mitchell look soft!


Speaking at a recent press event, Treadwell-Collins said: “Paul Nicholas has created, I think, the most manipulative and dangerous villain EastEnders has ever had. He makes Archie Mitchell look like a carebear.

“It’s going to get dark and go on for weeks, let’s just say that Gavin doesn’t take things quietly!”


Nicholas in an upcoming episode of EastEnders

“We are layering the stories, everyone has a massive chance to shine. The thing to watch out for is in September the rumblings start for Christmas.

“I always say that to have the best Christmas the rumbles have to start in September. So it’s a big, bumpy ride between now and Christmas, there are lots of shocks in store so keep watching!”

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