Sharon and Kathy fight!

Sharon Mitchell, played by Letita Dean, finally discovers why her husband has been acting so suspiciously the past few weeks when she comes face to face with Kathy Beale.

When Sharon becomes convinced Phil is in the Arches with another woman, she storms into the garage to try and catch him in the act.

Sharon is shellshocked to come face-to-face with Ian’s ‘dead’ mum, Kathy.


When Sharon learns the full truth about why Kathy faked her own death, she becomes angry at the Beale matriarch and gives her a few home truths.


Sharon gives Kathy some home truths

When Sharon tells Kathy to remain dead to prevent Ian and Ben hating her, a huge cat fight beings.


9072158-high-Talking about the fight scenes, Gillian Taylforth said: “I loved it! I’ve always wanted to do something like that.

“I said to Tish, ‘What should I do?’ and she said, ‘Just go for it!’. I was like, ‘Yeah, lovely!’. We had quite a laugh doing it.

“We had the stunt man there to help us which was great. Tish just wanted me to go for it so we really did.

“It was nice because after all the horrible things Sharon says to Kathy, like how she should have stayed dead, it was a case of, ‘Oh just shut up! Shut your face!’.

“Kathy is so downtrodden in the first few episodes, she’s had to hide and being told what to do all the time, so it was nice that she finally got to say how she thinks.”

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