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Gillian Taylforth: “Kathy has a lot of explaining to do”


EastEnders veteran Gillian Taylforth, who plays Kathy Sullivan, appeared on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ today (September 15th) to talk about her EastEnders return.

When asked about how her return came about, Taylforth said: “I was actually doing a few more episodes of Hollyoaks, and I got a phone call from Julia Crampsie [EastEnders’ casting director] who said to me Dominic Treadwell-Collins [EastEnders’ current executive producer] wants to talk to you regarding something that’s happening in February [in the live week] and I thought, okay, it’s presenting Adam a cake for 30 years, or jumping out of a cake or doing a funny sketch for them. So she said ‘Would you come in January to Dominic’s house.’

“When we got there, Dominic was talking about how the episodes were going and then he said ‘And then Phil’s been going off to meet somebody and then we find out it’s you. I went ‘pardon?!’. I was rather caught in the headlights, I just couldn’t believe it. It was quite a shock, I just couldn’t believe it.”


Speaking about why Kathy faked her death, she explained: “Well, Gavin, her new husband, is a control freak and really manipulates her. He’s got into her head and her skin. She just thinks she can’t carry on without him, like he’s her whole life. She can’t think about but Gavin – he’s a bit of an abuser, she is very frightened of him.

“Gavin comes up with an idea as he earns a lot of money to loan sharks. He gets very desperate and takes out more loans and they come back after him for the money.”

Gillian explained Gavin’s plan, explaining that her abusive husband Gavin comes up with a plan to fake their deaths in order to escape the debts and to protect Ben.

“She has got a lot of explaning to do to the boys. We just did some scenes recently when Ian sees Kathy for the first time, but I can’t say much about them.”


Taylforth is a recent EastEnders episode

Taylforth revealed her hopes to stay on the Square for the foreseeable future, saying: “I hope it is a long term thing. It’s nice to get my feet under the carpet. It’s lovely. [If I leave this time], I think there’ll be no going back. So I’ve got to behave myself, and be very good. I’m not walking along the canal banks, airplanes are out of it for me too.”

When asked about how things have changed since her departure, the actress said: “Perry Fenwick [Billy] has got my old dressing room and I’m going to get that off him, you wait!”, she said jokingly. “I’m in a temporary one at the moment until I get one sorted out.”

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