EastEnders plans massive New Year’s Day water stunt

Revenge at last?

EastEnders is planning a ‘massive’ New Year’s Day stunt to start 2016 with a bang, it has been revealed.

Whilst the stunt is being kept a secret, EastEnders’ executive producer has teased it involves water…


Speaking at the Radio Times TV Festival, Dominic said: “There is a big resolution coming up in the new year, Danny’s been fitted for a wetsuit, he’s going into some water, that’s all I can say.”

Danny Dyer, who plays Mick Carter, added: “I found myself in a wetsuit the other day thinking what the f*ck?

“I love Matt Di Angelo but I f*cking hate Dean with a passion. It winds me up, I get the hump over it. He’s still skipping round the Square, coming out of blades with his big beard.

“It does my nut in but the geezer’s going to get it, don’t worry about that. We are going to wrap it up, it needs to be, and it’s going to be done in a very clever way.

“I did want to kill him but Dom [Treadwell Collins] was right to say that’s not the way forward.”

© BBC / Kieron McCarron
© BBC / Kieron McCarron

Could Dean’s time be up?

He added: “He’s tried to burn my house down with my kids in and raped my wife, so my head as a character and a man starts to merge a bit.

“The rape storyline took me to some really dark places, I couldn’t snap out of it at all. You go home and you’ve got the hump and find yourself quite tearful.

“You can’t talk to anyone about it, as understanding as my missus is she’s like, ‘Slow down, you’re in a soap, leave it out, did you have to serve a pint today?’.

“There was scene after scene and I had to go to these dark places. The thing with a soap is that if you can’t act you get exposed. There’s nowhere to hide.”

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