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‘Dark’ times ahead for Abi, Cora


The Brannings may be rapidly leaving (Max, Carol, Lauren), but EastEnders executive producer Dominic Treawell-Collins has promised an exciting future for the family.

Speaking to the Sun TV Magazine, Treadwell-Collins said: “The Brannings will come back, but Abi is keeping the home fires burning.

“By isolating her, it allows us to take Abi into an even darker place. You’ll have to see whether there will be an Abi/Ben wedding, as Paul Coker’s circling…”

Elsewhere in the Square, Cora Cross’ struggle is set to continue, reveals Dominic: “The Cora plot is a very real story about care for the elderly. At that eage, for her not be looked after, it’s terrible. Only soaps give meaty stories to the older generation and we enjoy it.

“We are not patronising them and don’t use them as sideshows.”

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