Christmas 2015 News

Ronnie and Mick to kill Dean?!


Christmas in Albert Square is fast approaching and this year promises to be as dramatic as ever.

Speaking to the Sun TV Magazine, EastEnders’ executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said: “Ronnie sees her sister with this man she knows is bad – Dean. We’re going to rip Ronnie and Roxy apart a bit. What I think is exciting is bringing Ronnie into the arena with the Carters.

“Ultimately, neither Ronnie nor Mick wants Dean in Walford, and Ronnie is saying, ‘Come on, we shouldn’t have Dean around anymore’.

“It is hard that Dean’s still around, and I know we’ve had criticism, but things aren’t just tied up. In reality, Mick and Linda would have to get on with their life with Dean across the road.

“We have storylined the climax to that for the end of the year.”

Could Ronnie and Mick finally get rid of Dean once and for all? Could it be related to the New Year’s Day water stunt?

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