Les confides in Paul


EastEnders viewers were very much surprised last week to see Les standing in the middle of Claudette’s living room wearing not much more than he was born with; but we discovered tonight that there was indeed, a lot more to for the undertaker to ‘reveal’!

Pam took matters in to her own hands by trying to find out the answer to the question we’ve all be asking since Friday–just who is the mysterious Christine?
When Billy told Les how suspicious Pam was acting, Les came up with more lies-but Pam saw through it all and he finally admitted what many fans had thought all along—HE was Christine!
As his secret’s came to light, Pam sat in disbelief as Les told her he had been dressing as a woman for years.
After listening to Les, Pam is left shattered and she soon comes to a decision.  Will she stand by her husband or decide that it’s time to end their marriage? Has Les lost everything?
In scenes to air next week, Paul and Les have a heart to heart and Paul wants to help his Grandad sort things out with Pam, but will the plan work?
EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, 26 October on BBC One and BBC HD


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Melissa Berry

An EastEnders fan since the very first episode, Melissa has had the privilege to visit the EastEnders set twice (not many fans can say that!) and met many of the cast. She also appeared on EastEnders Revealed: Angie & Me, with Anita Dobson!