Will Ben give into his true feelings?

Ben Mitchell continues to have confused feelings over his sexuality and relationship with Paul, next week on EastEnders.

Since he and Paul were caught by Phil, Ben has mostly been wary of his actions with Paul and tried to focus on his family and girlfriend, Abi, instead.

Despite this, last week, we saw the pair grow closer once again as they bonded over their parents’ deaths. They then agreed to meet up later, until Ben stood him up after actually discovering Kathy is alive.

Demanding to get answers from Ben, Paul confronts him and tells him to stop running scared. Whether Ben takes this advice remains to be seen.


Determined to stay committed to Abi, they celebrate Halloween together at the Queen Vic. Once again, Ben’s eyes wander after seeing Paul in his costume and he can’t take his eyes off him.


Will Ben reveal his true feelings for Paul?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday 29th October and Friday 30th October, on BBC One.

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Alfie Sheldon

  • etonni

    Surely there must be another gay guy in London besides Ben. He’s not that cute for Paul to be so desperate for him. If he isn’t really to come out, let him be whomever he’s trying to be. No one should have meet secretly for a quickie and then be humiliated or insulted in public. I’m sure Paul could find someone without that drama. Ben’s a tease.