Mick & Ronnie: A Formidable Alliance?


Mick Carter and Ronnie Mitchell look set to put a plan into motion to get rid of Dean, next week on EastEnders.

Thursday night in the Vic, we saw Ronnie tell Linda to let her know if she wanted her to get rid of Dean. Upcoming episodes will see Ronnie continue to try and convince Linda that Dean needs to be dealt with. Ronnie knows that there is something not quite right in Dean’s relationship with her sister Roxy–and just as she did with Carl White; she is willing to take matters in to her own hands to get rid of him.


Tina becomes suspicious of Mick’s behaviour


Seeing that Ronnie has upset Linda, Mick warns her to leave Linda alone but soon changes his mind when he and Linda have a heart to heart and she tells him how difficult the past year has been since she was raped.

Thrown in to protection mode and struggling with his feelings, Mick decides that he should talk to Ronnie and the pair come up with a plan to get rid of Dean once and for all. They just need to make sure Dean is alone for the night – but will there be another twist?


How they finally end up dealing with Dean remains to be seen-with speculation regarding wet suits and water stunts hinted at for the near future. Recently, viewers also learned that Matt Di Angelo was leaving his role as Dean Wicks early next year.

The soap’s executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has assured viewers that there are still more shocks in store.

Danny Dyer also told the press recently: “I love Matt Di Angelo – but f***ing hate Dean with a passion. The geezer’s going to get it, don’t worry. We are going to wrap it up and it’s going to be done in a very clever way. I did want to kill him but Dom was right, that’s not the way forward.”

EastEnders airs these scenes 2 November on BBC One and BBC One HD

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