Christmas 2015 Poll

Who will die on Christmas Day? – vote now

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This festive season on EastEnders, viewers will be treated to a wedding, a birth, and a shock death.

EastEnders Spy readers will know that Mick and Linda will finally tie the knot – but the day doesn’t go as planned. Meanwhile, Stacey Branning will give birth to a son! However, we know very little about the shock death.

It’s time to make your predictions! Who do YOU think will meet their make on Christmas Day?

Has Vincent met his match? Will Bobby go a step too far?

If you vote ‘someone else’, let us know who in the comments below!

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Tommy Giffen

  • ‘Alison-Louise Mathews

    Charlie Slater as it has already been posted that he is passing away this xmas

    • EastEnders Spy

      Charlie dies in the New Year episodes. It’s not Charlie!

  • Lorraine O Sullivan

    Dean will die in EastEnders

    • EastEnders Spy

      Good prediction. But not on Christmas Day by the looks of it. He’s in the spoilers for Mick and Linda’s New Year’s Day wedding! 😉

  • etonni

    It’s time for Fatboy the Rat to go.

  • Rhiannon West

    My money is on Fatboy

  • Kim Lorraine Murrell

    i think it will be fatboy