Shirley to nearly drown her son, Dean Wicks

History will repeat itself this month as an angry Shirley attempts to drown her son, Dean Wicks, similarly as she did so to Mick Carter, many years ago.

Shortly after Christmas, Shirley will walk in on Dean attempting to rape Roxy Mitchell, after she admits she doesn’t love him anymore and wants to end their relationship.

Not taking no for an answer, Dean begins to attack Roxy until his mum walks in.


At first, it may seems that Shirley is on his side and will cover for him, however, she later lets out her anger while Dean is having a bath, and pushes his head underwater.

While this won’t kill Dean, tension between them builds up and erupts on New Years Day in the underwater lake stunt.

EastEnders airs these scenes later this month, on BBC One.

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