Don Gilet reprises his role as Lucas Johnson in surprise New Year’s Day twist

Denise Fox’s ex-husband returned to EastEnders tonight in a surprising twist.

Lucas, who has not been seen in EastEnders since his incarceration in 2010, phoned Denise from his cell on a mobile phone, which he later hid under his bed. Viewers will recall Lucas killing his ex-wife Trina, murdering Denise’s ex-husband Owen and drowning his son’s dog.

The serial-killer’s return to the soap marks the beginning of an explosive new storyline for the Fox family.

Lucas’ return marks the third return in the past week, following Jack and Glenda’s surprise returns.

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Tommy Giffen

  • Mr S

    I take is is not the last we will see of Lucas, isn’t Don still filming Holby so I imagine it will only be a short stint. I am glad that Denise has been given a meaty storyline for a change.