Matt Di Angelo leaves EastEnders as his alter-ego Dean Wicks is finally arrested

Dean Wicks finally paid for his crimes in tonight’s episode after he was arrested for the attempted rape of Roxy Mitchell.

After a dramatic showdown with Mick, Dean appeared to have died. However, Mick saved his brother with CPR, proclaiming he couldn’t get away with his crimes that easy.

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The police soon showed up and arrested the twisted rapist.

Mick and Linda moved on to a new chapter in their lives and tied the knot in an emotional ceremony.

Matt Di Angelo quit the role of Dean late last year, and his final scenes aired ten years after his first appearance.

Speaking about his time playing the despicable Dean, actor Matt Di Angelo said recently to ITV’s Lorraine: “He’s a bad person You can’t find excuses for him. He’s a bad character, but to be honest, it’s a lot of fun.”

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