New promo pictures: EastEnders to rejuvenate the younger generation?

© BBC / Nicky Johnston
© BBC / Nicky Johnston

The BBC has today (February 8th) released brand new promotional pictures of the EastEnders cast.

The primary focus of the new images appears to be the younger cast- could this suggest that the show will be moving its focus to the younger cast?

Newcomer Louise Mitchell (played by Tilly Keeper) features in her first promotional pictures, whilst Ben, Abi and Whitney have all had updated pictures!

Rebecca ‘Bex’ Fowler also features in the new promo pics, which could suggest the character will be having a more prominent role in future episodes, as opposed to her sporadic appearances.

Also, there’s adorable pictures of Stacey, Arthur and Martin.

Take a look at the gallery below, and let us know what you think in the comments section:

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