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Is Denise in danger?! Diane Parish reveals all on This Morning

© itv / Screengrab
© itv / Screengrab

EastEnders star Diane Parish, who plays Denise Fox, appeared on ITV’s This Morning earlier today to talk all about her most daunting storyline yet, the arrival of JJ Johnson and how she is planning to celebrate ten years in the soap.

Speaking about the arrival on JJ Johnson, played by Zayden Kareem, Parish said: “He’s absolutely fantastic. It’s been quite hard to keep that concealed. Zayden’s four, he’s great. He gets right into it – he sort of has a little muck around and he says ‘right, we’re going to do it now’ and he gets into his zone.”

“It’s been revealed [Jordan]’s got this little boy whose his mother was a drug addict and was somebody who went down the wrong path and got into trouble with drug dealers. Jordan is now trying to pay those drug dealers back and he’s in a huge amount of trouble.”

© itv / Screengrab
© itv / Screengrab

“Maybe she can break the cycle. That’s the thing for Denise, there seems to be a cycle and she wants to break it. Maybe it’s guilt driven, but there was a real love for this boy when he was eleven years old – she wiped his nose and sent him to school with a packed lunch. You don’t just throw all that away! I think she had to crack on with life after an ordeal of being locked in a cellar and then she ended up with Ian, she had other things to think about.

On the return of killer Lucas, she said: “He’s charismatic baddie. What’s made him a charismatic villain is he [Don Gillet, who plays Lucas] is such a great person, he’s hilarious and great fun.”

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May 2016 will mark a decade since Parish first stepped foot in Albert Square, and the actress has revealed her plans of celebrating the milestone: “I’m not going to do it quietly, I think. I might bring a little bottle of something in and not tell the boss that I’m having it in my dressing room”, Parish joked. “I’m going to say thank you to people. I feel honoured that the show has kept me for ten years and that the audierne have loved, or not loved, the character for ten years.”

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