5 reasons we’re going to miss Dominic Treadwell-Collins as EastEnders’ executive producer

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past day, you’d have seen the shocking announcement that Dominic Treadwell-Collins is stepping down as the executive producer of EastEnders!

© BBC / Kieron McCarron
© BBC / Kieron McCarron

And if you’re anything like us, you’ll be devastated, and here’s why:

1. Shock twists

Ever since DTC took over 2 and a half years ago, the show has returned to must-watch live viewing! Over time, more and more spoilers were being released about each episode, so when we sat down to watch, we weren’t really shocked by much as we know a lot of what was going to happen already!

Since Dominic’s arrival, weekly spoilers have still been released, but many big secrets have remained tight-lipped until the episode aired! Some of our favourites have been Jane’s shock return, the identity of Kyle (Slater), and the reveal of Les’ secret! Of course, not mentioning the incredible Lucy Beale storyline!


2. The characters he’s introduced

Now we all know that he had to make quite a lot of changes when he first joined, and we really didn’t expect all of the amazing characters that he introduced!
His first addition was the now fan-favourite, Carter family! While casting Danny Dyer in the role of Mick made us dubious at first, he’s turned into one of the greatest characters that have stepped foot inside the Square! The Carters have gone through so much in what’s only been just over 2 years, yet feels like a lifetime, and we know there’s so much more to be told!
Some other great characters that he’s introduced are the Coker family, Charlie Cotton, the Hubbards, and one of my personal favourites, Emma Summerhayes!


3. Old characters

While the new characters that DTC has introduced have been great, as a long-time viewer, I’ve loved to see the return of many old faces! Jack Branning, Stacey Slater, and Kathy Beale (yes, really!) have all made permanent returns, while characters such as Libby Fox, Glenda Mitchell, and Jean Slater have all made some guest appearances!

Also, to many people’s doubts, he’s succeeded in several recasts such as Martin Fowler, Ben Mitchell, and Shabnam Masood.

Alongside these old faces reappearing, there’s often been more and more mentions of old characters that used to live on the Square. Having an executive producer who loves the show and has such great knowledge of the past has been great to watch, and hearing the names of Ethel, Dr Legg, and Lou again has been fantastic!


4. Live Week

Live Week in February 2015 is just one example of the amazing things that Dominic Treadwell-Collins has done, and is perhaps one of the greatest weeks that the show has ever had. Having live inserts every night, a fully live episode one night, and also a flashback episode was an incredible celebration for 30 years of EastEnders! The Week of Revelations captured new, and current viewers alike, with nearly 12 MILLION viewers watching the moment where Bobby Beale was revealed as Lucy’s killer!

This week had the perfect balance of nods to the past, drama, incredible acting, and shocks!


5. Social media interaction

Dominic Treadwell-Collins has been great at interacting with fans of the show on Twitter, which has built up anticipation for each episode as he’s teased what’s happening each night!

Being able to speak with the executive producer directly has been great for fans as we know that he can see what we’re liking and not liking – something we’ve not been able to do with previous show bosses!

Here’s hoping that Sean O’Connor (the new executive producer) looks at DTC’s work and continues the show on its upward path, as he has greatly improved it!

We’re really going to miss Dominic Treadwell-Collins – the best executive producer that the show’s had in a long while!

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