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Les and Pam axed in EastEnders shake-up


Albert Square’s resident funeral parlour boss, Les, and his beloved wife Pam Coker are being written out of the soap as part of a shake-up by the show’s new producer Sean O’Connor, The Mirror reports.

An insider said: “Pam and Les have been a big part of the show over the past few months and with their current storyline, bosses felt that it was the right time for their characters to leave the Square. There is still plenty more drama to come from the Cokers before they leave Walford.”


The Coker family have been at the centre of the show this Summer, after their grandson Paul was killed in a homophobic attack. Viewers have seen Les struggle with his alter-ego Christine, but will his cross-dressing secret out before he leaves the Square?

A spokesperson told The Mirror: “We can confirm that Roger and Lin will be leaving EastEnders later this year. They have been a pleasure to work with and we wish them all the best for the future.”

Will you be sad to see Les and ‘Birdie’ leave? Let us know in the comments section!

EastEnders will air Pam and Les’ exits later this year.

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Tommy Giffen

  • Sacha Duncan

    No, I think they have gone as far as they can in the show. Time to move on.

  • wendy andrews

    i like birdies character she is like a mother hen bless her but les is quite boring really a weak character

  • tracy musto

    Will miss them don’t kill them off xxxc

  • Holly Shoare

    I think they are great and I hope they go somewhere nice where they can start a fresh. As for them going now, yeah I think the bosses have got it right. I just hope they don’t run away from their problems. I would like to see them confront babe and tell her to get stuffed. And maybe even tell the people closest to them before a showdown occurs. But it’s bound to end up with a showdown in The Vic. I would like to see the tables turned, and have them get in there first before Babe sticks her oar in. Because I hope they would find that the friends they have would stand up for them and stay loyal.

  • Rachael Stokes

    Im gona miss them so badly loved them wish them all the best for the future but before they go ad love them to bring that babe down to her knees she a horrible evil women it should be her leaving

  • Fiona Johnstone

    It’s ridiculous! Too many good characters leaving. Get rid of Babe and that whining Abi but leave Les and Pam alone.