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EastEnders kills off Ronnie and Roxy in dramatic scenes

© BBC / Screengrab
© BBC / Screengrab

EastEnders has tonight (January 1st) aired the deaths of the Mitchell sisters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, almost a decade after their first appearances.

The Mitchell sisters, played by Samantha Womack and Rita Simons respectively, died within moments of each other. After Ronnie’s wedding to Jack, the sisters reminisced together, before heading to the pool. Roxy dived into the pool in her dress and soon drowned.

Unbeknownst to Ronnie, her sister was lying dead at the bottom of the pool. She soon realised Roxy wasn’t joking and jumped in to try and save her, however she was pulled under by her wedding dress and the sisters died together.

As part of a ‘soap shakeup’, EastEnders’ executive producer made the decision to offer the on-screen sisters the dramatic exit and they are said to have ‘jumped at the chance’.

When speaking to Digital Spy, another EastEnders spokesperson added, “Rita and Samantha created the iconic Mitchell sisters and with their undeniable chemistry, they immediately created a double act that the viewers fell in love with.

“But when they all sat down to work out where to take them, they all felt it was the right time to rest them. When you look back over nearly a decade and realise what they have been through, it seems that most avenues have been exhausted. So when Sean proposed his idea to them, Rita jumped at the opportunity to do the storyline. She even stated that the sisters should go out the same way they arrived – together.”

They filmed their final scenes in November 2016.

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