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Charlie Cotton to ‘kidnap baby Matthew’ as Declan Bennett returns to filming


Declan Bennett- who plays Dot Branning’s grandson – is set to return to the Square later this year in a dramatic fashion.

Charlie Cotton, who was last seen in Walford in 2015, is set to return to screens later this year in explosive scenes involving a vengeful Max Branning.

Viewers will recall Charlie was forced out of Walford by Ronnie Mitchell and Vincent Hubbard after he planned to flee the country with his wife’s sister Roxy. For weeks, viewers speculated on Charlie’s fate, with several hints dropped on whether he’d been killed.

However, it was revealed he was alive and well and had been given a stearn warning to stay away from Matthew. However, with both Ronnie and Roxy dead now, Charlie is back for his son!


Full details of the storyline are currently under wraps, but with Matthew’s step-uncle Max involved, it’s sure to be dramatic!


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Charlie’s return will air later this year on BBC One.

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