EastEnders’ bullying scandal continues as Alexandra and Madison vow to ruin Louise’s love life


It seems Alexandra and Madison have well and truly moved on from bullying Bex Fowler now – as they have their eyes on a new victim… their ‘friend’ Louise.

EastEnders viewers will know that Louise has stood by the two bullies, despite them bullying Bex for months on end.

The evil duo have been targeting Louise for a few weeks now, and even managed to have an impromptu party at her house, unbeknownst to her. Too further embarrass the school girl, they spiked her drinks to the point where she was coughing up blood and was rushed to hospital. Yikes!

After classmate Travis came to Louise’s rescue, the bullies’ jealousy became very clear. Armed with perhaps their best weapon – their mouths – they did some serious damage. Soon after, rumours created by them were spreading round the school – that Travis had spiked Louise’s drink in order to take advantage and an empty bottle of vodka was found in his bag.

Now, in scenes set to air next week, Travis begins to make a move on Louise after weeks of off-screen flirting.


However, this doesn’t go unnoticed by Alex and Mads, who make up further rumours to scare Louise off.

When he goes in for a kiss, Travis is rejected by Louise, who runs off.

Baffled, Travis has no idea what’s going on. To make matters worse, she begins completely avoiding him due to the fear the bullies have put into her head.


Fortunately though, it isn’t long before Travis catches up with Louise and the couple have a heart-to-heart and reconcile. It can’t be long though until the bullies find out…

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.


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