Sharon Mitchell goes to war with Karen Taylor over her ‘rapist’ son Keegan


Karen Taylor has only been in Walford the space of five minutes – and she certainly hasn’t made the best impression on her new neighbours.

Upon the families arrival, the residents looked less than impressed with the noisy neighbours as they blared songs out of their van.

Soon after, Sharon realised Karen is troublemaking schoolboy Keegan’s mother and confronted her on Louise’s claims of rape.

Following Karen’s arrest for assault and Keegan’s arrest on suspicion of rape, Sharon is due to make another visit to No. 23.

Viewers will know that Keegan lied about having sex with Louise Mitchell whilst she was intoxicated, meaning she would not have been able to give consent. However, Keegan revealed to his mum it was just a prank to wind her up.



But his prank has backfired. Badly. Louise has reported the allegations to the police and he has been taken in for questioning.

Sharon visits the Taylors all guns blazing, however she soon realises that all is perhaps not as it seems, and doubts are cast on Keegan’s lies.


Will Sharon realise Keegan is just lying, or will this spiral further out of control?

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One and BBC One HD.

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