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EastEnders teases gas explosion, shooting, ambulance crash, arson attack and more

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In dramatic scenes set to air on BBC One next week, EastEnders is kicking off some of their biggest episodes in years – when a gas main explodes, amid the work that has been going on in the Square, during the Walford In Bloom event.

Several characters’ lives have been teased to be left hanging in the balance, with at least one character promised to die.

And the drama doesn’t stop there. As families, including the Fowlers and Mitchells, are left frantically searching for their missing loved ones – namely Stacey and Phil – further events begin to unfold…

Here’s what to expect during the week:

The Gas Explosion

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The biggest stunt comes amid the roadworks being done, when a gas main explodes – right in the centre of the Square. Who will make it out of the blast in time?

The Shooting

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Since arriving in the Square earlier this year, the Murrays haven’t had that much material. Well, that’s all about to change. As viewers know, Ted has been keeping a gun in his home and in the coming episodes next week, he fires it. Distressed by the explosion, he accidentally shoots another resident. But will his victim live to tell the tale?!

The Ambulance crash


For reasons we don’t yet know, an injured Johnny Carter gets an ambulance to the hospital with his mother Linda. However, in shocking scenes, the ambulance flips over with both Carters inside. If Johnny is caught up in the earlier gas explosion or shooting AND is involved in this crash, does he have any hope of surviving?

The Arson Attack


After Jane Beale discovers Max’s revenge plot, Max orders Steven to take care of Jane for good. In a desperate bid to keep his secrets safe, Steven sets fire to the Beales restaurant with Jane trapped inside.

The Secret Reveal

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Also next week, Linda Carter is to finally reveal her much anticipated secret to Jack Branning. Just what is she keeping from Mick?

The Miscarriage


Poor 15-year-old Bernie ‘Bernadette’ Taylor is set to lose her baby after being caught up in next week’s carnage too. How will the Taylors cope with the unexpected loss? Will we finally see Karen’s softer side?

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The Square prior to the explosion.

A source told The Sun: “The stunt is certainly going to have viewers talking. It has taken months of planning and several of the show’s favourite characters will be affected by it.

“Bosses are staying tight-lipped about who actually dies but the shockwaves from this will be going on for months.”

Don’t miss EastEnders’ explosive (literally) episodes all next week to find out if your favourite characters will make it out alive.

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