Who dies?!: 24 hours will shatter The Square

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EastEnders is kicking off one its most dramatic weeks yet next week, when a gas main explodes, sending lives on the line and spiralling further events out of control.

It’s no secret that one character will not make it out of the BBC One soap’s disaster week – but who could it be? EESpy runs down some ideas…

Jane Beale


With Beales on fire and Jane trapped inside, could she be about to face the ultimate karma for her part in covering up Lucy’s murder? Jane has just discovered Max’s revenge plot, and the storyline was initially billed to go on for “three years”, so it does seem a little soon for people to be unearthing his grand scheme. Could the storyline have been shortened, or will Jane be leaving the Square in a coffin?

Steven Beale


With Aaron Sidwell already confirmed to be leaving, Steven Beale would seem like the most obvious choice to meet his maker. After Jane discovers Max’s grand revenge plot, Steven is ordered to shut her up for good. Panicked his lies will be exposed, he sets Beales alight with Jane trapped inside. But could his plan backfire on him? Or perhaps he does have a conscious after all and decides to rush into the burning building to save her, perishing himself instead.

Max Branning


Since vengeful Max’s Christmas Day return last year, he’s been plotting revenge against what seems like everyone. It all comes to a head next week when he orders Steven to silence Jane. But what if she makes it out alive. Could he really face going to jail all over again? We know he’s been self harming, what if he’s been having suicidal thoughts too, or gets reckless amidst the carnage of the ’24 Hours’?

Fi Browning


In scenes set to air tonight, a drunken Fi reveals a little too much to Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter about her partner Max’s scheme. If he finds out, could Fi be in danger?

Johnny Carter


Behind-the-scenes images obtained by tabloid newspaper The Sun showed Johnny Carter in critical condition getting into an ambulance – the same ambulance which later crashes and flips. But what causes his initial injuries, and does the aspiring lawyer have any hope of surviving?

Linda Carter


Travelling in the ambulance with her ‘sausage’ Johnny, could we see a shock twist which sees Linda perish instead? Seems unlikely considering Kellie Bright appears very committed to both the show and her character – but, still, a possibility nonetheless.

Stacey Fowler


Following the blast, Stacey is nowhere to be seen. Sadly it isn’t looking good for the Fowlers as Stacey was supposedly near the explosion beforehand. Has she just popped away for a bit or could her (and baby Fowler)’s lives be on the line?

Phil Mitchell


In the trailer for next week’s episodes, we see a seemingly lifeless Phil lying on the ground, covered in rubble. It’s said he’s injured after the explosion but surely that isn’t enough to kill the man who has survived being shot (twice), multiple car crashes, cirrhosis of the liver and more, right?!

Ingrid Solberg


This is a bit of an outsider’s bet, but hear us out. It’s taken Jack months to finally move on from his wife Ronnie’s tragic death, and he and Ingrid have shared a kiss recently at their camping trip. Could EastEnders be lining up further heartache for Jack with a sudden death for young nanny Ingrid?

Someone else?

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Got your money on someone else? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below!

EastEnders’ dramatic action packed week begins Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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