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Steven Beale DIES in shock EastEnders twist


EastEnders killed off another one of Ian Beales’ kids this week when Steve Beale (played by Aaron Sidwell) died.

Brother to Peter and the late Lucy, Steven has appeared on and off since his birth in 1989, and has featured prominently in the last decade or so.

Most recently played by the aforementioned Sidwell, Steven died in scenes just broadcast last night on BBC One.

Steven died due to a stomach hemorrhage after being pushed into a countertop by Max Branning – who is currently seeking revenge following his false imprisonment for Lucy Beale’s murder.

Since his return last year, Steven has been involved in various storylines, such as his relationship with his brother’s ex Lauren Branning, becoming engaged to her, then beginning an affair with her sister Abi; impregnating her, and being blackmailed by their father Max – which ultimately resulted in his death.

© BBC / Jack Barnes

Speaking about his demise, the actor said: “It was a very Shakespearean tragedy in that Steven finds out the girl he’s fallen in love with and who loves him too, is carrying his child and all his crimes are forgiven,” he explained.

“It’s everything that he’s ever wanted in life but he doesn’t get to have it. It was very apt for that to be Steven’s end. His whole life has been so tragic yet we’ve just seen him make the decision to not be that person – to try to save Jane and yet that’s the decision that cost him his life.

“It was very fitting for me for all my big stuff to be with Laurie (Brett, plays Jane) because of the history between Steven and Jane, so it was great.”

© BBC / Jack Barnes

Speaking about the legacy his character has left, Sidwell said: “I think that Steven is an iconic character and the fact we had Nasty Nick, Dirty Den and now, as the audience have named him, Psycho Steven – that in itself, the fact he has a ‘name’ tells you what an iconic character he was.

“He was also the eldest Beale, he was the first Beale child in that brood and he will always have an iconic status. I think he was such a brilliant, brilliant, character.”

EastEnders continues Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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