Cast Changes

Keep up-to-date with all of Walford’s newcomers, returnees and departing characters.


Taylor 1

Karen Taylor

Played by Lorraine Stanley

Arrives 15th June 2017




Keanu Taylor

Played by Danny Walters

Arrives 15th June 2017




Taylor 3

Bernadette Taylor

Played by Clair Norris

Arrives 15th June 2017




Taylors 4

Riley & Chantham Taylor

Played by Tom & Alfie Jacobs

Arrives 15th June 2017





sonia-leavingSonia Fowler

Played by Natalie Cassidy

Returns 2017
Full-time return (from maternity leave)




Robbie Jackson

Played by Dean Gaffney

Returns Spring 2017
Full-time return




Woody Woodward

Played by Lee Ryan

Returns Summer 2017
Full-time return





There are currently no departures…