April 3rd 2015
Kat attempts suicide after finding out Mo took the money that her Uncle Harry, who raped her when she was young, left to her in his will.

April 4th 2015
The BBC announce that popular characters Kat, played by Jessie Wallace, and Alfie, played by Shane Richie, are to star in their own six-part spin-off show.

May 1st 2015
Kat visits the convent where she gave birth to her daughter Zoe, however the nun, played by acting veteran June Whitfield, realises that Kat gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.

May 7th 2015
The characters win £1,000,000 in the lottery.

May 22nd 2015
Sister Judith, a nun from the convent, arrives in Walford to let Kat know the truth about her other son. However, it is too late as Kat and Alfie decide to have a fresh start, away from Albert Square. They move to Spain, where they plan to purchase a pub.

December 25th 2015
Kat returns to Walford without Alfie.

December 26th 2015
However, Alfie is in hot pursuit behind Kat and arrives back in the Square with Tommy and the twins.

December 28th 2015
Kat reveals to Alfie the real reason she came home – Spain has just been one big whirl wind. She belongs in Walford.

January 4th 2016
Sister Judith returns so Kat can make a donation to the convent. The nun tells Kat that Sister Ruth is ill. Charlie (Kat’s dad) and Mo arrive back in Walford to see Stacey’s newborn son, Arthur.

January 5th 2016
The following day, Sister Ruth arrives, healthy as ever. She tells Kat that, when she gave birth, she had a difficult labour and kept passing out. She had twins; Zoe and a little boy. Kat is shocked and upset that she is only finding out about her son now. She initially blames her mother for what happened but Sister Judith says that she wasn’t alone when she made the decision. Kat hears Charlie and Mo coming through the door and realises it must have been one of them.

January 6th 2016
Kat believes Mo stole her baby, leading Mo to lock herself in the bathroom. Mo explains that when Kat gave birth, Viv stated that they were only taking Zoe. Mo admits that the reason that Viv left the baby, who was named Luke, was because she was worried that he might turn out like his father. Kat screams at Mo and Charlie to get out, but Charlie clutches his chest in pain and falls onto the sofa…

January 7th 2016
Charlie asks Kat not to blame Mo for leaving Luke behind – but to make sure that she finds him. He then dies of a heart attack.

January 11th 2016
Belinda Slater returns and angrily tells Kat that she has finally killed their dad due to the stress she put him through.

January 21st 2016
After Charlie’s funeral, Kat tells Belinda about her son and explained he was adopted in Ireland. Belinda recalls when the family visited Ireland. One of the days, Viv appeared from a church crying and Belinda clocked a couple holding a little boy. Kat asks whether Belinda can remember the name of the village. She tells her it was Redwater.

January 22nd 2016
Kat researches Redwater.

January 25th 2016 (final appearance of Kat and Alfie in EastEnders)
Kat worries her son, Luke, won’t want to be part of the family, so they pack their things and move back to Spain.